Benefits of Wifi Hotspots in your business

Today wireless internet access play a significant role in guest satisfaction and retention. Wifi access increasingly becoming a must-have for business and customers demanding it. By deploying wifi to your restaurant you can attract people to your location, generate additional revenue and create a private network for your own use.

Increased Sales of Products
As we mentioned earlier, deploying a restaurant wifi hotspot will likely to attract many new customers to your restaurant. More people that are enticed to stay longer usually means you will sell more of your products. Therefore increasing revenue with a very small investment. But before making a decision you should ask yourself some questions regarding the benefits of restaurant hotspot.
Are your current customers the type who would sit at your location with laptops and other wireless devices and check email, browse the internet?
If the answer is yes, you would likely attract new customers to your location.
Will wifi hotspot users buy products?
Most of the wifi users whether you are running a restaurant or a cafe would most likely to purchase products. If you decide to charge for wifi service you do not need to worry this aspect of the decision. If you decide to give free wifi away, you would like to paying customers to use your hotspot. Posmiami offers flexible wireless hotspot solutions where you can either offer free wifi access with predefined codes, customized disclaimer for wifi usage when someone connects to it and also customized branded splash screen for your business.

A good wireless Internet service will keep customers coming back for more.Wireless Internet is a factor that increases customer loyalty for your business and will increase your return rate: an important factor for any restaurant or lodging business.Wireless Internet is the most economical way to improve customer loyalty and can be used as a tool to promote other loyalty enhancing features: such as discounts for repeat business, and special offers for referrals.