Digital Dining Delivers Uncompromising Functionality to Restaurateurs—Increasing Productivity, Minimizing Errors and Driving Profits

Industry-Leading POS Software

Digital Dining has been successfully serving the
restaurant industry for more than 30 years. Whether
you operate one restaurant or manage a multi-unit
enterprise of up to 100 locations, Digital Dining is
committed to helping your business prosper by
delivering fast and secure point-of-sale solutions.
In addition to its powerful agnostic platform and
impressive customization capabilities, the Digital
Dining user interface is also user-friendly.
We support a wide array of food service
customers–from fine dining, quick serve and casual
dining to hotels, country clubs, food courts, hospitals,
universities and others in the hospitality industry.

Digital Dining Features

Payments Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device

Secure payment solutions to maximize flexibility and
minimize total cost of payment acceptance
• In-store, online and mobile payments
• Bill payments
• Credit/debit cards, digital wallets and stored value cards
• Industry-leading security protocols
• Advanced anti-fraud technology
• Heartland Secure™ technology backed by a
comprehensive breach warranty
• 2-second authorization times
• 99.995% uptime
• Interchange optimization service
• Fast funding