iTouch POS - Integrated iPad, Iphone POS

iTouch POS solution for iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad® allows servers to use iPad, iPhone and ipod devices to take orders in whereever they are for more streamlined order taking. Servers can take orders at the table side and fire orders without ever leaving the dining area or to a pos terminal. The iTouch POS is seamlessly integrated to DIGITAL DINING, so it can be added to new or existing digital dining installations with ease. Ipad pos interface is consistent with the standard POS, so servers can start using it with almost no extra training. The iTouch POS also allows credit card transactions to be completed on the iPad and iPhone using the same card reader used in Apple Stores®. This optional device has an extended battery and built-in protective frame, so they are ideal for restaurant environments.

iTouch POS Benefits:

  • Servers can use the iTouch POS to access menu item information, such as images and recipes, to answer customer questions more quickly and accurately.
  • iTouch POS provides not only faster service but also offers security for customers' credit card info. Since servers do not need to leave the table to take orders and process the credit card, all of these operations takes place in front of the clients. The iTouch POS supports portable credit card readers (so servers can swipe a credit card and complete a transaction without ever removing the card from the customer’s sight. The iTouch POS also supports portable belt printers, allowing servers to print credit card slips right at the table.
  • iTouch POS improves customer service by allowing servers to stay in the dining room where they’re needed most. The iTouch POS allows servers to take and fire orders without ever walking to the kitchen or pos station.
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