Mobile Payment for Bars – Tabbedout

We now offer Tabbedout, the free mobile payment app that allows consumers to open, view and pay tabs with their phones with our Digital Dining bar point of sale system. With more than 100M consumers with smartphones in the  U.S. you will enable your bar clients to have an instant and secure way to pay bar and restaurant tabs.

Tabbedout will be integrated with  our Digital Dining POS,  making it as easy as a simple software update for bars and restaurants to deploy Tabbedout without any need for new hardware. With Tabbedout, bars and restaurants can spend more time serving food and drink to their patrons instead of closing out checks, which means more revenue to their bottom line.  Available on both iPhone and Android smartphones, Tabbedout was built by security experts who likes night life. The mobile payment app allows users to securely store credit or debit card information directly on their phone, encrypted and under passphrase protection, instead of on host servers or in “the cloud.” Consumers are safe from the threat of stolen payment information due to lost or forgotten credit cards since they now can open and pay their tab directly from their phone without handing over their credit or debit information to a server. Customers can also view their itemized tab in real-time, removing any surprises at the end of the night.

What is tabbed out?

Tabbedout is a mobile payment platfrom that enables customers to open, view and pay a bar or restaurant tab with their smartphone. Tabbedout makes mobile payment a simple and secure process.  The free Tabbedout mobile app for iPhone and Android lets consumers open a tab with their mobile phone, view their tab in real-time and pay the tab anytime, anywhere, giving them control over how and when they pay.


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Miami Food Truck Permit Issues

Nationwide food truck craze might come to abrubt end in Miami, FL soon.  Several Friday night food truck gatherings have been canceled in recent weeks, over city and county permit issues.

A Toyota dealership in West Kendall Toyota and Lexus of West Kendall was issued a “Notice of Violation” by “Operating a Fair Without a Permit” by holding a food truck event  on dealership grounds.

Some other ther gatherings, like the Bay Food Truck Roundup at American Legion and  the Biscayne Triangle Roundup in Northeast Miami-Dade has been issued similar citations.

In addition to the permit violations, zoning violations may also be issued to Food Trucks.  County and city officials do not designate food trucks as “vendor carts”, but are designated as commercial trucks, which aren’t permitted to operate on private property.

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Aldelo Best Support and Feature Award

Aldelo Systems Inc awarded by Business Solutions Magazine in categories for Service/ Support and Product Features. Research is conducted in partnership with Penn State University and Business Solutions Magazine. Surveys distributed online to
resellers and asked to rate various products from payment processors to POS software products.

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Best time to buy Point of sale?

Are you looking to buy restaurant pos for your new restaurant or planning on replacing your outdated pos hardware and software?If your answer is yes than let me tell you why this is the best time of the year to make your pos purchase.

The section 179 Business Equipment Deduction

Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct full purchase price of qualifying equipment (point of sale hardware, restaurant software) that are purchased or financed during tax year. It means that if you purchase or even lease a qualifying hardware and software you can deduct the full purchase price from your income. This is designed by US Government to accelerate business investment. To qualify for section 179 deduction, purchases has to be placed in between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010.  All business that purhase or finance less than $2,000 in business equipment during tax year 2010 should qualify for section 179 Deduction. Your company can lease or finance pos software and hardware and still take full advantage of Section 179.

So if you are still on the sidelines waiting,  give us a call to take our exciting lease/purchase offers on top of great savings on your next point of sale purchase.

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Restaurant Gift Cards

Still dont have gift cards for your restaurant? Than you are missing out huge opportunity for your business to be successful for this holiday season. Gift cards as a gift has been growing in popularity over the past few years. As results from Google Insights for Search listing for “gift cards” show, demand for gift cards increases drastically this time of the year. Florida is one the top 10 states that consumer demand for restaurant gift cards are high.

Restaurant Gift Card Searches by States

So if you havent already implemented gift cards to your point of sale system now is the time. Our state of the art restaurant point of  sale software can seamlessly integrate gift cards that can be purchased in one location and redeemed in another location. Call us today to get more information.

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Posmiami now offering Iphone and Android apps for restaurants.

Imagine a tired customer on their way home from work. They are tired and hungry. They want a quick, easy way to get dinner. Looking up your number, guessing your menu searching online to find your number and menu is not fun nor easy. There has to be a simpler solution!

Enter Custom Mobile App for your Restaurant
With a custom iPhone/Andoid app they can see your menu, prices and specials with one click! They can quickly choose then send in their order all while waiting at a traffic light!

Best of all they can quickly send you an order and even pay for it right from their mobile phone. They don’t need to call you they just need to press a few buttons on your custom iPhone app!

Make it easy for your customers to reach you – no matter where they are! Think of the extra business a custom mobile apps can provide you!

Contact us today to get our special bundle with restaurant pos software + Online Food Ordering + mobile apps for your restaurant for your business

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Pioneer S-Line All-in-one Touchscreen POS

Pioneer POS S-Line redefines the all-in-one design by integrating a thermal receipt printer into a touch screen computer. Its compact design allows you to save counter space, reduce cable clutter. With this system you can get rid of ugly looking POS receipt printers and associated cable clutter.This is an ideal All-in-one POS for retail/restaurant/bar/quick service point-of-sale, point-of-purchase, and self-ordering kiosk applications.

Pioneer POS Sline

The S-Line has a bright 15″ display, and is powered by Intel’s Atom, up to Core 2 Duo processor. It runs most Windows operating systems, and offers a wide range of integrated peripherals, such as magnetic stripe reader, biometric reader, barcode scanner, and secondary display. Expandability includes Gigabit network, 4 Serial, and 6 USB ports. We have been offering this units for quite a while now and our customers have been thrilled to use these systems. If you like to learn more about these systems call or email today!

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Come see us at 2010 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show

The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show brings together hospitality industry together once a year. The event is hold in Orange County Convention Center in Orland Florida. It will be held from September 12-14, 2010. Come visit our booth at Booth#1921. We will be displaying our state of the art Aldelo restaurant point of sale systems as well as innovative point of sale hardware and peripherals.
Aldelo Convention

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Benefits of Wifi Hotspots in your business

Today wireless internet access play a significant role in guest satisfaction and retention. Wifi access increasingly becoming a must-have for business and customers demanding it. By deploying wifi to your restaurant you can attract people to your location, generate additional revenue and create a private network for your own use.

Increased Sales of Products
As we mentioned earlier, deploying a restaurant wifi hotspot will likely to attract many new customers to your restaurant. More people that are enticed to stay longer usually means you will sell more of your products. Therefore increasing revenue with a very small investment. But before making a decision you should ask yourself some questions regarding the benefits of restaurant hotspot.
Are your current customers the type who would sit at your location with laptops and other wireless devices and check email, browse the internet?
If the answer is yes, you would likely attract new customers to your location.
Will wifi hotspot users buy products?
Most of the wifi users whether you are running a restaurant or a cafe would most likely to purchase products. If you decide to charge for wifi service you do not need to worry this aspect of the decision. If you decide to give free wifi away, you would like to paying customers to use your hotspot. Posmiami offers flexible wireless hotspot solutions where you can either offer free wifi access with predefined codes, customized disclaimer for wifi usage when someone connects to it and also customized branded splash screen for your business.

A good wireless Internet service will keep customers coming back for more.Wireless Internet is a factor that increases customer loyalty for your business and will increase your return rate: an important factor for any restaurant or lodging business.Wireless Internet is the most economical way to improve customer loyalty and can be used as a tool to promote other loyalty enhancing features: such as discounts for repeat business, and special offers for referrals.

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Online Ordering software for Restaurants

The Customer2You for Aldelo Restaurants Pro tis a powerful web based platform that brings a restaurant’s menu to life on the Internet in just a couple of days and enables your customers to order online.

When a customer orders online tickets automatically print out with the completed, paid order already entered into their Aldelo POS system. The solution includes an easy to use web based Administration Menu that allows managers to instantly make pricing and other adjustments.

Restaurants can also offer take-out, curbside or delivery options. The software will support single locations or mutliple locations. Tips are automatically calculated at 15% for delivery orders, but can be changed by the consumer while ordering.

Customer2You for Aldelo is sold exclusively through Aldelo Channel Partners. There is a one time licensing and installation charge per restaurant location. There are no minimums and no contractual obligations. The restaurant won’t need to pay anything past the initial software license. Once installed, the software will automatically update itself as new features are added.

Although Customer2You provides product support directly, the Aldelo Support Team also has total access to the customer’s on-line ordering system and can troubleshoot most dealer or customer issues. Support questions can also be submitted directly through the Customer2You website. Call Pos Miami at 305-851-6010 today to get your quote for aldelo pos software and Customer2you software

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