Digital Dining Bar POS System

Bar POS Screenhost
Speed is absolutely critical to any bar's success that is why Digital Dining's bar interface displays a 48 "top selling" i which accounts for 80% of the sales within the main screen. Just tap the drink item and the cash button and transaction is complete.

  • NightClub POS

    Digital dining is the best point of sale for bar and night club business.

  • Night Club POS
  • NightClub POS
  • Tabbedout Bar Payments

    Digital dining integrates with Tabbedout mobile payment systems that allows bar customers to open,close tabs via their smartphone.

Bar POS Features

Allows servers to reorder a round of drinks for customers on the specific check without having to reorder each drink.
Digital Dining fully complies with CISP standards to better safeguard customers’ credit card data and protect owners against fraud and cardholder litigation.
With the Handheld POS, servers can send orders to the kitchen and bar without ever leaving the dining area. They can also perform credit card transactions at the table, without ever removing the card from the customer's sight. Handheld POS with Card Swipes and Belt Printers.
The POS can display and print drink recipes, which can help inexperienced bartenders prepare uncommonly ordered drinks. This also makes a great PR tool for customers who request recipes for popular drinks or house specialties.
Incoming bartender's can pick up all open tabs from an outgoing bartender with a single touch. A bartender can also transfer one or more bar tabs to a server.
You can ensure staff integrity by forcing bartenders to account for the cash in their drawers by performing "blind drops" without a target total. These drops are included in POS reports, which managers can later use to reconcile their bartender's cash drawers.
You can set the bartender's POS to use a large sales font to display total, which can assist customer, secret shopper and management auditing and can assist you prevent shrinkage.
The POS can automatically change menu item prices based on the time or day for happy hour, entertainment, or other promotions. The POS can make up to 9 price changes per day.
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