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Voted Top POS Application in Hospitality Technology’s Scoreboard two years in a row, Digital Dining is now in its 24th year of production and development and has been installed in more than 35,000 sites throughout United States. From quick service to table service and everything in between, Digital Dining can increase your sales by increasing customer satisfaction, speed-of-service, staff productivity, management awareness, kitchen production, and bottom-line profit.

Digital Dining ScreenShots

  • NightClub POS

    Digital dining is the best point of sale for bar and night club business.

  • Cafe/Coffee Shop POS

    Aspiring to be the next Starbucks? Than you need the right technology to offer clients comforts such as mobile apps, wifi and extremely robust cafe pos system such as Digital Dining.

  • Multiple Location POS

    Digital dining can be used by multi-unit operations such as franchises and multi store concepts.

DIGITAL DINING’s Multistore feature, you can easily create, edit and control databases for multiple stores from a single location. It allows you to make menu changes in either one stores, a concept or all stores with ease. You can even schedule and implement immediately or at scheduled times allowing you to use different menu for, let say holidays. Manamgent can monitor daily sales activities securely over the Internet Customized reports enable management to gather data from one store, a group, or all stores, and then analyze that data to suit their operation. Experience a whole new level of control with DIGITAL DINING’s Multistore solution.
Hold and Fire:
Holds selected menu items, such as entrees, so orders do not print in the kitchen printer right away. Servers can send held items by setting time of the day or a timer.
Round Reorder:
Allows servers to reorder a round of drinks for customers on the specific check without having to reorder each drink.
Split Items:
Servers can split menu items between 2 or more customers by using reorder feature. POS creates seperate checks and calculates totals before or after an order is sent to kitchen printer.
Item Out:
Item out feature suggests alternative appropriate suggestions if a customer orders an item that is out-of-stock.
Finger Print ID:
The Fingerprint ID allows staff to clock in, clock out, and perform selected functions based on their security levels via their biometric information. Handheld POS:
With the Handheld POS, servers can send orders to the kitchen and bar without ever leaving the dining area. They can also perform credit card transactions at the table, without ever removing the card from the customer's sight. Handheld POS with Card Swipes and Belt Printers.
Frequent Dining:
With Frequent Dining, you can track repeat customers by sales, interest, groups and hobbies. Servers can identify valuable customers as soon as they walk in. You can also create charities or sports clubs that earn a percentage of customer sales.

With integration to SYSCO’s exciting iCARE concept, Digital Dining offers tools to help you bring in more guests for your restaurant.By combining Digital Dining's time and attendance features, fingerprint ID security, integrated labor scheduling, and iCARE payroll interface, you can drive labor costs down while improving overall service. Use either eSYSCO or Digital Dining's ownInventory package to streamline your inventory processing; both systems provide efficient Internet-based solutions to simplify ordering and inventory management.

eSYSCO: Use Digital Dining's back office workstation to connect to the eSYSCO inventory ordering system. Using Digital Dining's powerful sales report generators and eSYSCO's complete set of tools, you can streamline your inventory ordering … all from a single integrated workstation.

iCARE Payroll Interface With Digital Dining's integrated iCARE interface, payroll doesn't get any easier. Digital Dining's POS connects with SYSCO's iCARE payroll services through the Internet and maintains an automated payroll interface. Combined with our POS time clock functions, editing tools, and fingerprint ID time clock security, you can significantly reduce your labor costs.

Key Features:

  • Wireless Handheld POS
  • Included Biometric Fingerprint Reader to Eliminate Buddy Punching
  • Direct Portal to American Express to Save on Transaction Fees
  • Fully Certified with PCI PA-DSS for Credit Card Security
  • Fastest Bar Screen in the Industry for Bars & Nightclubs
  • Included Marketing Program to Increase Sales
  • Frequent Diner Program to Track Repeat Customers
  • Ability to Place Future Orders with Deposits for Parties and Catering
  • Built-In Delivery Module
  • Pizza Builder Matrix Included
  • Built In House Accounts and Accounts Receivables
  • Time and Attendance Included
  • Most Extensive Front and Back of the House Reporting
  • Fully Customizable Prep Tickets, Guest Checks, and Promotional Coupons
  • On Screen Item Out List with Countdown
  • Multiple Security Levels with Password Management
  • Built In Computer Based Training for New Servers

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